I was born in Highgate, North London. As a family, my mother Ailish, father Harry and Jim (my younger brother) moved to Essex, when I was 7 years old. I moved back to London in my early twenties, got married and had 1 daughter - Krystle. moved to Hampshire when I was 27; I got divorced in the 1990s. I now live with my current partner, Lesley. We have a son - Michael (born 2000) and two cats, Theo and Cleo. I have three grandchildren – Dominic, Olivia and Tyrese, via Krystle. I have been writing poetry from an early age and penned some short stories and half-finished novellas / novels whilst working in Corporate roles. In 2013, I decided to curtail my ‘business career’ and a year and a bit later, that goal was achieved. I was then free to pursue activities (that did not include working as a PAYE employee) principally, writing. Though the timing of other events has somewhat slowed progress. My life, in two paragraphs!
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Norman House - Writer
“Love can take months or years to grow, but when it dies, it has no respect for time invested”
House of Words