Just in case you wondered

Up until late 2014, I worked in various business/corporate roles in a variety of big companies. My last role and I DO intend it to be my LAST major role in ‘business’ was at a big multi-national alcoholic beverages company, where I had the rather grandiose and somewhat misleading job title of ‘Global Data Manager’. My career took me through some interesting but not necessarily exciting job changes, including Trainee Quantity Surveyor, Accounts Assistant, Buyer, O&M / Work Study Engineer, Business/Data Analyst, Data Modeller, Enterprise Data Modeller, European and Global Data Manager.  In many of those roles, I have had the opportunity to travel, particularly in Europe, United States and Canada. The people I have met (some ‘nice’ and many ‘not so nice’!) and situations that I have had to deal with, have provided some good input to my writing output! As many others in similar situations will attest, focussing on what you want to do is great, however not always easy, as life does take over, somewhat. Getting into a new routine has taken longer than I expected. In the intervening months, I have been updating my portfolio of old and new works with an intention to start self-publishing in 2017. I have no illusions as to how difficult it will be to be commercially successful, though that is not how I will personally measure my success. I’m doing this alongside managing the refurbishment of my mother’s house. Unfortunately, she has been in and out of hospital and a nursing home since November 2015 and finally drifted away in May 2017. My father died 11 years previously, suddenly and out of the blue. Both a sudden death and a long drawn out demise of family or close friends has a different and varying effect on the individual and those left behind. For me it proves there is no good way to die, so live your life to the full, whilst you can. Beyond the physical: some psychics have suggested I have skills and abilities in this area; I don't claim anything - I certainly have had some experiences that cannot be easily explained. I believe it is important to keep an open mind, as not everything can be pigeon-holed into the accepted laws of science.  Regardless, some of these experiences and dreams have given me inspiration for writing projects, particularly the ones that could be labelled under the genre of ‘Paranormal Romance’. I hope at some time in the future you will read and enjoy some of my work. My other interests include playing and watching sport (particularly Arsenal FC, Essex CC and American Football team, Cincinnati Bengals. I enjoy reading and watching films/TV dramas. I maintain my own databases of music, films, books & photographs, plus building the family tree (or in fact the tree for several families!). My brother and I run a football management/computer simulation game (MicroCoach) and have done so for nearly 20 years, with friends and family as long standing members. My love of sport stemmed from an early age, where I concentrated more on football (soccer) than my academic studies, plus many other sports – including cricket, badminton, tennis, golf and snooker. I was a fairly good athlete as school - especially at 100m and 800m. I went to a ‘Rugby First’ school, this meant I had to play for the rugby team (on the basis I could run, catch and kick!) though I hated it! Luckily, as we were a much feared and very strong team, I could be on the periphery of play - most of the time, hanging out on the wing for an easy try or kicking the ball away at full-back! Once I reached the sixth-form, I was given dispensation to hang up my rugby boots (forever!) as long as I agreed to coach the junior years in football, cricket and tennis - done deal. Injuries, the passage of time and fun have slowed me down a lot though! These days (when fit) I open the batting for a Hampshire League cricket club. It is a club where I have some long-standing and good friends. For many years, I have been secretary of the club. In 2016, I qualified as a Level 3 Cricket Umpire, ostensibly for the times when I’m not fit to play or when I can no longer muster the willpower or energy for an afternoon in the field! I play golf more regularly than cricket now, with varying levels of success, but it's mostly fun. It may be a well-worn cliché but one that rings true for me - The worst day on the golf course is better than the best day in the office. I dislike activity (non-ball) sports – for instance, skiing, swimming, riding. Probably because I discovered very early on that I wouldn’t be very good at them. I’m not a great fan of heights or depths either...despite having to fly a fair bit when I was working in business roles. Whilst I have some basic technical skills, having worked in Information Systems roles for a number of years, I am not a website designer, by any stretch of the imagination. However, part of wanting to launch this writing venture was to also acquire/hone new skills and to support it at minimum cost; therefore I have designed and built this web-site myself, with a little help from an ex-colleague!
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