•	I finished three manuscript drafts, a novel and two novellas (subject to editing/proofing) in March-2022. These are now due to be published in May 2022. •	Following editing. Some additional chapters are being added to the above  •	Cover design for all three is complete. •	A replacement website (for this one) is under production and will be published when the books are ready for publication.   October 2017  •	Initial website published (this one!) and linked to Facebook page and Twitter. Facebook page published. •	Synopses completed for all short stories/novellas/novels planned/in progress. •	160+ poems complete. Considering which of these to publish and in what format. This will be after novels/novellas are published. •	Samples of my poetry made available to download from this website. •	‘One Kiss’ & ‘Salma’ novellas complete to editable status. Reviewed by select audiences. •	Other works in synopses section ‘in progress’.
House of Words

April 2022