Synopses 1
House of Words
One Kiss: A love thought forgotten  “I will get to you all in the end.” She had told Ric about Patterson’s chilling and menacing promise. It was too late for her, and many others. Now Patterson was coming for him. Ric unconsciously uncovered the facts, but that truth was potentially perilous for him. A story of broken hearts, second chances, love, tragedy, loss, murder, and revenge. A romantic thriller with supernatural overtones. Salma: A second chance - dreams can come true  “He just kept hitting me. I thought these might be my last moments on this Earth.” Salma is trapped in an abusive, arranged marriage, living in a foerign land. The beatings are getting worse. She is sure that one day her husband will kill her. Her only escape from this daily anguish are her bizarre vivid dreams and the kind stranger that features in them. Could these visions be the key to find her finding a way out of her tormented existence? A romantic thriller with supernatural overtones. It’s Entirely Possible: For a Spirit Guide “Will I see you again?” “It’s entirely possible but highly unlikely.” Rachel and Bex are remarkably intelligent and attractive women in their early twenties. They are wise way beyond their apparent years. Their mission is to avert middle-aged Steven from his ever-growing deep melancholic state and to ensure his son – David, doesn’t follow suit. Both men have suffered a huge loss in recent years. Rachel and Bex use all their feminine wiles and knowledge to fulfil their objectives, but who are they really and will they be successful? A heart-warming romantic story with supernatural overtones.