Synopses 1
House of Words
       One Kiss
I n 1991, a blooming yet largely unfulfilled office romance abruptly comes to an end. Richard, at the age of 24, cannot believe that the object of his affection - Lucy, has unceremoniously rejected him for a life with her overbearing and possessive fiancé, Bill.  Devastated with this outcome, Richard leaves his job and emigrates to New Zealand to make a new life for himself – meeting and marrying Abigail, along the way. Nearly two decades have elapsed when Abigail tragically dies in her late thirties. Richard decides to go back to his roots and returns to the UK, where he is somewhat unwittingly drawn back into Lucy’s world. He discovers shocking details about Lucy, Bill and those close to them. Nothing was or is as it seems and Richard’s life is thrown into chaos, as he battles with his need for understanding of past events, a nagging need for revenge and his own survival. A story of love, control, retribution and death that transcends mortal boundaries. Salma Peter Wilson is a shy, retiring, software engineer, working for a medium-sized software sales company. He has had little social life since the embarrassing break-up of the relationship with his childhood sweetheart – Sarah. She dumped him for a fling with his prospective best man, a week before their wedding. Now in his early thirties, Peter lives with his parents and is highly competent in, yet equally uninspired by his work. He goes on a business trip to New York, supporting a pre-sales consultant, Dave Johnson. Dave is confident, brash and misogynistic and happy to share his unwanted opinions on how to fix Peter’s love-life. Whilst on the trip, Peter experiences some strangely lucid dreams that have a profound effect on him. At a client meeting, he briefly encounters, Salma. He is instantaneously smitten with and drawn to her. He senses that his recent odd dreams are somehow connected to her. At last, he feels as though his life is on the up, yet subsequent events make him question everything he has experienced whilst in New York. It’s Entirely Possible… yet highly unlikely Four years ago, Steven Pattinson lost his wife to cancer. He has been on an ever increasing spiral of gloom and despondency since. His son - David, grieving himself, has finished his A-levels and enrolled at Durham University and initially was very distant from his father, both in miles and emotionally. However, David realises that Steven needs some help to get his life back on track, just as his mother would have wished. Two young ladies (at university with David) are introduced to Steven on different university holidays, ostensibly as his ‘girlfriends’. Both of these young ladies are far more worldly and knowledgeable than they could be expected to be for their age; one isn’t really David’s girlfriend and Steven encourages his father to consider her playful approaches. Steven has a considerable moral dilemma with this -  because of the connection with his son and the considerable age difference.  A complex web of interrelationships unfolds to prevent Steven from sinking deeper into bouts of depression or worse, and he finds out there is far more to the young ladies than meets the eye.